EIA Consulting

EIA Consulting

We provide industry leading marketing, production, and entertainment services. Our goal is to provide high-quality service with the most competitive costs in the industry. We specialize in creating innovative visual designs along with business services to meet the demands of today’s competitive markets. Our mission is to be your ONE STOP for all of your business and entertainment production needs.

We offer an array of services to help businesses maximize their production needs without breaking the bank. Our superior visual design team offers a range of services such as motion picture pre/post production and commercial/video production. The graphics department uses cutting edge artistry to build unique designs that provide clients various ways to advertise, promote and sell their products or services.

The Internet is rapidly emerging as an integral distribution, sales, marketing,and service channel for the music, movie, and gaming industries just to mention a few. EIA Consulting offers unparalleled insight to resolve tactical issues startup and established businesses often encounter with marketing, business strategies, planning and executive execution. Ask your product consultant about other products and services not currently in our online showcase, that we may offer.

We have silently been the grandfather of the current industry preferred standard of radio and internet marketing and advertising, spearheading the movement through our efforts in reinventing the look and feel of the IAP, a product known by many industry professionals in the music recording business.

Our founder and owner CEO Derek Bradley has served as mentor to some of today’s prominent graphic design companies. He has offered insight and direction in jumpstarting such organizations as MiSvISION Graphics, FlyPapers Graphics and Big Media to name a few.

Our Brand has roots that are infused throughout the entertainment profession.