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AV Integration

Audiovisual Integration is the ability to seamlessly operate several systems in your business or home using one simple, interface.  It combines technologies related to hearing and sight into a cohesive solution. It includes the process of coordinating microphones, speakers, displays, projectors, control panels, video conferencing software, and other technologies into a functioning system.

We can assist in both designs and integration of any solution. Our team will develop a solution to ensure it aligns with your vision.

AV design and integration is a lot more than hanging displays and plugging in devices. For professional audiovisual system design, control system programming, user interface layouts, architectural drawing packages and system documentation are necessary. These key components enable the team to integrate the technologies into a functioning solution, making sure, each technology is compatible and, when combined, able to create the outcome the customer envisions.

After the design process is complete, our technicians can begin integrating the hardware by physically going to site, pull in cables, install speakers and screens, mounting displays, connecting electronic components, and making sure everything functions correctly.

IT Security

System Control


Programming is an integral part of a design. Programming is responsible for creating system functionality and automation and using technology to support a user’s or business operation. Every automated system should begin with defining the system operation while establishing a user interface look and flow, ensuring the device selection and system design supports the end users. Programmers ensure everything works whether it is programming-related or not.

They possess knowledge about signal flow, RS-232 and IP communications, network configuration, and products made by and for control systems. If a function or device is not operating properly, a programmer is typically involved in figuring out the solution.

AV system user interface is capable of manually adjusting faders for dimmers and manually turning on and off individual zone lights. With a simple touch, you can listen to music in the dining room or rock while you cook, watch sports on the back deck, or dim the lights in the living room. Let our highly skilled team assist with your integration needs.


Sound Masking

A sound masking, paging and background music system can cover spaces to reduce distractions, protect speech privacy and prevent uncomfortable silences. Sound masking can be used to assist in HIPAA compliance by masking sound so conversations taking place in the patient rooms are not intelligible.

Using specifically tuned ambient background sound that targets the same frequency as human speech, reduces its intelligibility.

By adding sound masking to a workplace, conversations are notably less intelligible or noticeable, and thus less distracting. The workplace becomes more comfortable, private, and productive.

IT & Security

As an IT solutions company, we combine advanced infrastructure with innovative practices to increase efficiency. From Service Desk Management to securing your mobile devices and closely monitoring enterprise software, to

IT Consulting and Infrastructure Management we strategically elevate the performance of your IT organization in measurable ways.

Our IT Consulting and Managed IT Support services, have been focused on a core of key industries across the business spectrum, yet our expertise and capabilities are always adaptable to serve new industries and their unique demands.

Approximately 61% of small businesses experience a cyber-attack. Having a managed IT and Security Solution is the only sensible option for privacy and protection.

Businesses that provide professional services have a wide variety of security needs. Add surveillance cameras, silent hold-up alarms and perimeter protection sensors and detectors to keep your home or business secure.

A comprehensive security solution can help achieve your security goal, for single or multiple locations. With access control technology, you can restrict where customers and certain employees can go. Create safeguards to keep unauthorized people out of sensitive areas.



Let us manage your IT so that you can manage your core business. We can integrate data, voice and video into a secure, integrated network solution that will ensure an efficient, productive environment for your business. If you have a “Smart Home”, having a reliable team to install, manage and protect your systems integrity is vital for optimal performance and security.

Our IT security team can provide penetration and vulnerability testing to ensure data security and peak system performance. We provide the latest and best practices for routing and switching, as well as implementing wireless solutions across you network.

Sound Masking
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